Privacy Policy and Data Protection (POPIA) is a website for Agribonus, an agricultural sector focused loyalty program in South Africa.


We value your Personal Information and intend to give you as much control as possible over the information we collect. We are also committed to protecting your Personal Information and your right to privacy. The purpose of the below is to inform you on what Personal Information we collect, how we obtain and use this Personal information, as well as comply to protect your personal data.


  1. Definitions:


  • “Current Agribonus Partners” means all companies currently contractually bounded to Agribonus that reward you with Agribonus points.
  • “Member” and “Agribonus Member” means any natural person, or company, that is a signed-up member of the Agribonus Loyalty Program.
  • “Personal Information” means the same as per the definitions given in section 1 of POPIA.
  • “Data Subject” refers to any natural person who is, or will be, an Agribonus member.
  • “POPIA” means the Protection of Personal Information Act, No 4 of 2013
  • “Privacy Policy” means this Data Protection and Privacy Policy.


  1. What personal data we collect

    Agribonus only collect personal and transactional information to render its services to the Agribonus partners for the purpose of allocating and storing Agribonus points to your Agribonus account as an Agribonus member, to inform you where, how and on what products you can earn Agribonus points and to communicate your points balance to you from time to time.


  1. How we collect personal data

    We store the information you provide to us when you sign up for an Agribonus account to start earning points, fill in a form on the Agribonus website or purchase from our partners’. We only collect the necessary transactional information from our partners to allocate your Agribonus points to your Agribonus account.


  1. How we share personal data

    Agribonus does not share your personal data except in the following circumstances:

  • Any person, employed by Agribonus, who has signed a confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement.
  • Third party courier companies that are tasked with delivering awards/redemptions purchased with points. Only the following information is shared with them:
    • Delivery address provided by you;
    • Name and surname;
    • Contact number.


  1. How we use your personal data

    We use your personal data for one or more of the following purposes:

  • To manage and maintain your account with us;
  • To provide you with specific Agribonus partners and product information that you can earn Agribonus points from;
  • To respond to your enquiries and communicate your points balance to you;


  1. How do we keep all this information safe

    Agribonus has processes and systems in place that will ensure we collect, process, record and store your personal information in a save manner. We adhere to the requirements of POPIA in a responsible manner. In addition, we have implemented all the appropriate electronic security measures to protect the security of any personal information. We aim to continuously improve our processes and technology.

    We will do our best to keep your data secured however we cannot guarantee that our processes and technology cannot be breech. By participating in the Agribonus programme and enjoying the benefits of an Agribonus member you accept the inherent risk when providing information and dealing online over the internet and will not hold Agribonus, its directors and employees, responsible for any breach of security of your data. We will notify you in the unlikely event that this may happen.


  1. Additional matters relating to personal data

    Retention of personal data

    Agribonus will retain your personal data, in compliance with this Privacy Policy and Terms of Use for the duration of your relationship with us, and afterward, for such a period as may be necessary for our legitimate business purposes.

    Your right to access, update or remove your personal data

    You are allowed to request the following involving your personal data:

  • Request a copy of all your Personal Information we store;
  • Correct or request that we delete your Personal Information.

    Requests such via electronic email address:

    In all communications to you, we will provide you with the option to “Opt Out” of that communication.


  1. Revisions to this Privacy Policy

    We may amend this Privacy Policy from time to time in order to stay compliant with relevant laws.


  1. Contacting Agribonus in relation to personal data

    Please send any queries to In addition, you can also contact 012 843 5660.